Manual de la Cocina Moderna (Havana--1955)


by Ernestina Varona de Mora, Vega y Cia, S.L, Habana, 1955 sixth edition of 1932 publication. Paperback, 344 pages. Rare -- one of 2,000 copies printed and numbered. This copy numbered 1,417. Spanish text.

This is a real find – books of traditional Cuban cuisine written by one of the most hallowed (if largely overlooked today) Cuban culinary writers of the 20th century are hard to find today, in any language. De Mora is considered to be in the same league as Dolores Alfonso de Torralba and Nitza Villapol.

As a culinary work, the book is important: It was initially published a year before Batista took power in 1933, and this edition was printed in Havana four years before Fidel Castro overthrew that regime. Many of the recipes in this book almost disappeared when in the ‘40s and ‘50s American processed convenience food became available and the rage.

We were unable to find another copy of this title for sale – in any edition - on any Internet book site.

Condition issues: The book has survived largely because the intact pages were sewn bound, not simply glued or stapled. Sadly, the paperback cover shows wear, and the spine is torn away and held together by tape. Still, overall, a "Fair" rating for a rare title.

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