The Food and Cooking of Eastern Europe (original 1989 edition)


by Lesley Chamberlain, Penguin, 1989. The author investigates and offers meticulous recipes for the cooking of Poland, Eastern bloc/Cold War East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Transylvania, Bulgaria, Albania and pre-breakup Yugoslavia. A near-encyclopedic landmark and highly praised ever since publication. Paperback with original cover painting by Hungarian painter Karoly Ferenczy, 468 pages. Includes more than 200 recipes, country-by-country historical-culinary observations, ingredients, information on local wines, breads, preserves, desserts and festive meals and a bibliography.

Chamberlain delights in introducing to readers a vast variety of foods in these countries and regions that go beyond goulash and borscht known to Westerners. For example, like Serbian sour bean soup (ciorba), one of many "sour soups" favored by people in the Balkan states, usually getting the their taste from yogurt, pickled vegetables, or a bit of vinegar or sauerkraut.

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