The Food and Cooking of Russia


by Leslie Chamberlain, Penguin Books 1983 paperback edition of the 1982 publication. "That the Russians have a special gift for borrowing foreign ideas and making them their own is as true in the kitchen as it is in any of the Russian finer arts," writes the author in her introduction. "The French helped create beef Stroganov, the Germans and Scandinavians inspired the "zakuski" table, the Caucasians introduced "shaslyk," but today all of them count as traditional Russian dishes. What makes the best of Russian cooking, therefore, is a surprising combination of tastes and techniques. Some have been preserved in peasant cooking since the Middle Ages, others are the result of almost four centuries of foreign influence on the palates of the nobility. I have collected what I think are some of the best recipes in this mixed tradition." In other words, she includes some of the refined recipes of the 19th century nobility as well as peasant dishes from the Ukraine and Georgia or Armenia and spicy creations from Central Asia.

Trade paperback, cover color photo showing a detail of "A Moscow Inn" by Kustodiev, 330 pages. Condition: VG+

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