Cambodian Cuisine


by Demaz Tep Baker, Walter's Cookbooks, 1999, INSCRIBED by the author. Slick paper boards, burgundy front cover with color photograph, black comb binding, 56 pages. This thin primer on classic dishes of Cambodian cookery predates the author's "A Taste of Cambodian Cuisine" from 2009, and has a homemade look -- amateur black and white photos of dishes inside actually add to the charm.

If you cook Thai food, no recipe in this book will impede you, especially since it's so much easier to get authentic ingredients in Asian grocery stores. There are differences, of course: Cambodians use a herb/root mixture a bit different than Thai curry paste called "Kroeung," a food processor blend of lemon grass roots, garlic, shallot, galangal, lemon leaves and tumeric.

Most online reviews of this author's works have been enthusiastic. Hard-to-find in this first iteration. Recommended. VG+.

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