(Helen Brown's) West Coast Cook Book


By Helen Evans Brown, Cookbook Collectors Library edition circa 1960s of the 1952 publication, Hardback, no DJ, reprint from the original plates, designed by Ward Ritchie, 437 pages with paginated index.

Many people consider this a landmark work, and one online fan of the book wrote that in a perfect world, this book would be a kitchen staple. It was Brown who first established that there WAS a West Coast cuisine (which surprised, then delighted the East Coast food establishment).

In the splendid 1991 revised edition which we also have on this site, Philip Brown, husband and collaborator of the late author, reminds readers that the recipes were written in an era before the food processor or microwave had been invented…or that cholesterol could determine ingredients or their amounts. “Substitutes may be made,” he writes, but the results, while very good, “won’t be quite the same.”

This edition, for some reason, does not include the original edition's four-page bibliography of historical and contemporary cookery books. VG+/-.

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