The Hungarian Cookbook 1955 (CAI pamphlet)


by the Culinary Arts Institute, Imre Szego, consultant, 1955. This original-cover version is still sought after; it's one of the best of the CAI "foreign land" series. Paperback, 68 pages. Out of print.

This series is almost an anomaly and remarkable because usually the CAI was the center of the home economics-oriented purveyors of healthy but usually blaah food for the American housewife for several decades -- but for this series they called on outside consultants. Consultant Szego, in the '50s, was chef of the Saint Géllert Hotel and Confiserie in Budapest (a big deal). The book also featured cover artwork of cooks dressed in traditional garb at work in their kitchens and presenting dishes at the table.

This book, even in not-so-good condition, is commanding high prices on other book websites. Nonsense. Our condition: Very Good+.

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