Fun in the Kitchen - A Handbook of Cherished Recipes (1949)


be the members of the The Women's Guild, Central Presbyterian Church, Montclair, N.J., second 1949 edition of the 1939 publication. Hard glossy light green covers, spiral bound, 154 pages. Contains a flyer to order more copies. Contributors' names follow mostly traditional American recipes. Some "foreign dishes."

We like the introductory remarks for Gertrude Nelson's pre-Cuisinart recipe for Scandanavian Christmas Cookies: "Very old recipe and probably too involved for a cook book but it's worth passing on for whoever wants it. Hold your hair on, girls. It's quite a mixture." She adds, "Store in tins lined with wax paper a month before using. Cookies are fim, chewey and have a wonderful flavor." Thanks, Gertrude!

Many other interesting recipes, including a Veal Pot Roast, which calls for crushed ginger snaps added to the juices at the end, in the style of Sauerbraten. Corn Meal Pone, Southern Delaware Style, made with sweet and sour milk, also looks interesting. One that has not made the test of time, but one we might just try for giggles, is ground Spam mixed in a pastry dough, then jelly rolled, and voila, Spam Roulettes! A few other contributors source older cookbooks from the 19th century.

The Guild spent a little money to produce this: it’s set in type. Front cover and book surprisingly very good plus condition; back cover has wear at lower edge, so VG.

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