Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book (Penguin Cookery Series Edition)


by Jane Grigson, Penguin Cookery Library, 1988 printing. The monumental book by the late British cooking doyen is still in print after more than three decades after its 1978 publication. Thick (618 pages) trade paperback, color painting cover, white spine.

From reviews: "...Readers, gardeners, and food lovers will find everything they've always wanted to know about the history and romance of seventy-five different vegetables, from artichokes to yams, and will learn how to use them in hundreds of different recipes, from the exquisitely simple 'Broccoli Salad' to the engagingly esoteric 'Game with Tomato and Chocolate Sauce.' Grigson gives basic preparation and cooking instructions for all the vegetables discussed and recipes for eating them in every style from least adulterated to most adorned. This is by no means a book intended for vegetarians alone, however. There are recipes for “Cassoulet,” “Chicken Gumbo,” and even Dr. William Kitchiner's 1817 version of “Bubble and Squeak” (fried beef and cabbage)."

Elegant and erudite -- she also cites an fourth century Roman broccoli preparation from "Apicius' recipes from 'De Re Coquinaria,'" for one example -- Grigson offers an infectious enthusiasm that's hard to resist. Condition: Slightest cover edge shelf rubbing at extremities, but still VG+.

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