7" Rare Vintage SS Sabatier "Bird's Beak" Rigid Slicing Knife


It’s not often that one runs into any Sabatier “bird’s beak” knife, and usually it is a small paring knife. This is the first larger knife with the characteristic snub nose I’ve seen. It might have been a special order. Because of the rigid blade, I presume it was used both for chopping and mincing, or slicing something rigid and dense – a half-frozen roast, a pineapple, a small block of cheese -- one can only guess.

The knife is hand-forged and its, bears the famous Sabatier Four Star Elephant brand on its black composite handle. A feature that shows this knife was made prior to 1980 is the full but tapered tang at the handles, a time-consuming feature no longer employed. It starts off 1/4" thick at the typical rounded bolster but is hand-beaten to nearly a thin 1/8" at the end of the handle. The result? Lighter weight and better balance.

Condition: Blade and handles show only light use. VG+. $60.

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