Two Vintage Copper Tin-Lined As-New Mini-Cocottes


These two unused vintage mini-cocottes (Dutch ovens) are solid copper, with traditional hand-applied tin lining. The smaller one is 4” in diameter and 1 3/4"" high, and holds approximately 1 cup or 225 ml. The larger one is 4 ½” in diameter and 2" high, and holds approximately 1 1/3 cups or 300 ml.

These are not flimsy decorative ornaments -- the copper is 1.5 mm. thick. The handles and lid tops are made of brass. They carry no brand name nor country of origin, and appearances indicate they might have been hand-wrought and hammered. They could be quite old.

The copper has patina, but when I opened the lids, the tin was bright and shiny – a sure sign they had never seen cooking, because tin quickly turns to a pewter color. I can only suppose these were unused gifts from many years ago. I can only guess what they were made for – I’m thinking for individual servings of something like Crab Imperial or puddings. Why two sizes? Have no idea in the world. The photo shows them next to a 2 1/2 qt. copper saucepan.

Condition: Except for normal darkened outside copper patina on the outside, As New.

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