The Exotic Kitchens of Indonesia- Recipes from the Outer Islands


by Copeland Marks, M. Evans & Co., 1989. Sadly out of print. For fans of Southeast Asian food, this is a gotta-have. Indonesian dishes use Indian spices, such as cumin and coriander, but also incorporate such Southeast Asian ingredients as coconut milk, galanga and lemongrass. The meat dishes are often cooked down slowly, and the finished dishes, what we'd know as curries, are thicker than in those other countries.

Here's Library Journal's review of the book: "Marks's previous works include books on the cuisines of Burma, India, and Guatemala; here he explores the cooking of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Coconut milk, chilies, ginger root, lemon grass, rice, and fish are key ingredients; Indonesian cooks like their food spicy and hot. Marks provides an excellent glossary of ingredients, including availability and possible substitutions; most of his recipes could be easily duplicated in an American kitchen without threatening their authenticity. Asian cuisines and hot and spicy foods are popular now; Marks's delicious recipes will tempt many cooks. This is highly recommended." We agree.

The late author was often called the Marco Polo of the food world because of his consuming interest in (then) little known cuisines. His books on Burmese, Peruvian and Guatemalan cooking are also offered on this site.

Trade paperback, uncorrected proof, 1989, 298 pages. Nice except for a minor stain on the cover. VG+.

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