December 2010 Newsletter

By Bill Holland

 As the holidays approach. we want to invite you to take a few minutes to
browse through the classic, vintage and recent cookbooks on our website. We
now have more than 1,000 items in our catalog. So this is our soft sales

       Think a moment, Do you need:
•       A replacement for your raggedy Moosewood Cookbook or a Silver Palate?
•       How about a nice copy of a vintage Joy of Cooking or Betty Crocker to
replace your tattered one?
•       Or one to help you learn more about your regional culinary  specialties?
•       Something to expand your knowledge of your culinary heritage?
•       How about treating yourself to a prize-winning Julia Child or James Beard
Cookbook Awards winner?
•       Or one of those remarkable Look and Cook classics by Anne Willan?
•       Perhaps a hard-to-find Junior League compilation?
•       Or a cookbook gift for a special someone?

       Whatever it is, give us a look. We have a wide, deep range of titles. From
hard to find regional cookbooks dating back to the early 20th century to
foreign language cookbooks. And you can always email us or even give us a
phone call.

       We have many more cookbooks we just haven’t had time to list. Gorgeous
hardbacks by big name chefs to spirals by little church and community
groups. And if you tell us you are looking for a book you’ve been unable to
locate, we’ll try our best to help you find it. A recent one we're
particularly fond of is a book of recipes by late '40s and early '50s U.S.
regional food writers who had local TV shows: Cooking With the Experts. Big

       Note: If you’ve been disappointed, angered or puzzled by sites with amateur
online “book sellers” on Amazon and other sites who obviously know nothing
about books - or food, for that matter – we hope you might find our
cook-wise descriptions more informative, and our condition descriptions
accurate. We make sure our prices are fair and competitive too.

        Happy holidays!