September 2010 Newsletter

By Bill Holland

Equinox. Autumn. Already!
Last night when I stepped outside it was cool. There was a clear sky, a
bright, almost full harvest moon, and next to it, Jupiter, bigger and whiter
than it’s been in decades. There was the slightest breeze, and the
temperature had settled in the 60s. Nice.
Autumn officially begins September 23 in the northern hemisphere – it’s
transition time again.
It’s hard to believe that 2010 is beginning to wind down. The insistent,
consecutive 90+ degree days are gone, finally. The kids are back to school
(or the grandkids…or you). Before you can blink, you’ll see the first
falling leaves. Now there’s a chance now to restore a bit of order, and
balance in your life.. So here we go – and with the changes, a return to
enjoyable stovetop cooking.
It’s the season you can once again savor a bit of time spent in the kitchen.
With the AC off and the windows open. A time to even begin to think again of
stews and soups and casseroles and pies baking in the oven. Maybe even yearn
for them for the first time since spring sprang.
Time to try out recipes. Maybe that Cuban or Malaysian dish that caught your
eye in a magazine at the dentist or car repair shop when it was too hot to
face the stove. Tonight I actually prepared and cooked breaded pork chops
and served them with mashed butternut squash with butter and chives,
homemade applesauce (and leftover baked beans), a meal that would have been
impossible to think about cooking just two weeks ago.
So in this early autumn frame of mind, we’re hoping you’ll have a chance to
relax and take a few minutes to browse through the vintage and recent
offerings on our website. We now have more than 1,000 in our catalog.
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•       Or one of those remarkable Look and Cook classics by Anne Willan?
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•       And, of course, it’s time to begin thinking of holiday gifts.
Whatever it is, give us a look. We have a wide, deep range of titles. And
you can always email us or even give us a phone call.
Note:  If you’ve been burned or disappointed by amateur “sellers” on and other sites who know nothing about food, or the books they
offer, for that matter, you might find our knowledgable cook-wise
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